Electrical Characteristics
   Range of nominal resistance : 100 W~100K W
   Resistance tolerance : ¡Ó5% ¡Ó 10%
   Terminal resistance : £1%R or 10W
   Contact resistance variation : CRV£3% or 3W
   Withstand Voltage : 500Vac ( 100Kpa )
   Insulation resistance : Ri ³ 200M W
   Limit current of moving contact : 100mA
   Effective electrical travel : 3600  ¡Ó > 70% of total mechanical travel
  Environment Characteristics 
   Rated Power (315V max ) 2W @ 40¢XC   0W @ 105¢XC
   Temperature variation -55¢XC, 30min, +125¢XC, 30min
    Vibration : 20~600Hz, 50M/S, 10min
                      electrical interruption¡Ø100£gs  DR£1%R
    Collision : 390m/s2, 4000 cycles; DR£5%R                     
    Climate category meet IEC68-2-2 etc.; DR£10%R,R1³100MW
    Electrical endurance at 70¢XC  40¡Ó2¢J, 2W, 48h; DR£1%R
    Mechanical Wear-resistance : 2500cycles DR£2%R
    Steady damp-heat
                     40¡Ó2¢J, 93%R.H. 48h; DR£1%R, R1³20MW
   Physical Characteristics
   Total Mechanical Travel 3600
   Starting Torque £20mN.m
           Resistance tolerance (when no identification,
           It is of ¡Ó10%) resistance code type